1960 Chevrolet Corvette LS3
The Chevrolet Corvette is the pinnacle of the American sports car, and the C1 generation Corvette is where it all began. One look at this 1960 classic will make you nostalgic for Mom’s homemade apple pie and Dad’s old space race stories. But one look under the hood, and you’ll be thinking about only one thing; modern day horsepower. Our 1960 Corvette has undergone several retromod upgrades, most notably the addition of the LS3 engine, which is capable of producing 530 HP. Factor in a 6-speed Tremec transmission and a fully independent track/touring suspension, and you have yourself a bonafide classic that will tear holes in today’s racetrack. This beauty truly exemplifies the benefits of our retromod upgrades; capable of maintaining the much desired classic look while providing all of today’s conveniences.
1968 Pontiac Firebird
This 1968 Pontiac Firebird may have been introduced as a pony car, but don’t let her catch you sleeping. Today, she’s all muscle. This bird was a perfect candidate for a few of our retromod upgrades. We opted to install a 6.2L V8 with a big cam conversion, turning this pony car into 800 horses of pure power. With Scat racing seats, G-force racing harnesses, and rack & pinion steering, the only thing we couldn’t tighten were the passenger’s stomachs. Molecular Motors’ retromod upgrades have made this a Firebird even Burt Reynolds would be jealous of. See her full transformation here. Retromod 1967 Black Ops Chevrolet Camaro Pro Street
What was a rusted out retried drag car, is now the flagship for the Molecular Motors zombie apocalypse response team. This 1967 “Black Ops” Chevrolet Camaro was taken from jalopy to pro-street as a result of a few vital retromod upgrades. In order to remain stealthy, we had to make sure she stayed light on her feet. Inside, you’ll find only the bare necessities; a pair of Procar Racing seats and a custom fabricated 10-point roll cage. This light frame allows for the supercharged LSX 376 to lift her front end at least half an inch off the ground at the green light. Whether you’re being overrun by a horde of zombies or being called out at the track, 860HP ought to be enough to put a quarter-mile’s distance between you and them in 10 seconds or less. See her full transformation here.
1949 Retro-Mod Chevy Truck
This post-WWII 1949 Chevrolet 3100 has been transformed into a post-apocalyptic zombie killer. Before becoming the newest member of the zombie response team, this dame had to be stripped to the bones. Her original straight six was swapped for a supercharged LSA motor, paired with a few extra retromods, and now she’s carrying 740 HP at the ready. Plenty for mowing down a herd of zombies, and believe me, the herd will be coming. 740 horses amplified by long tube stainless headers and a quad exhaust gives this retromod classic a throttle bark that will have the walking dead coming from miles around. See her full transformation here.
 1961 Ford Thunderbird
At Molecular Motors, we fully understand that sometimes less is more. This 1961 Ford Thunderbird is a great example of our classic reconditioning upgrade. Originally a barn find, we were extremely pleased to find only a few paint blemishes and an interior that was in surprisingly good shape. Her insides, unfortunately, were a different story. There wasn’t a crack or crevice she wasn’t leaking from, not to mention shot breaks and a transmission with a lack of desire to stay in park. Overall, she needed a good thorough makeover. We immediately got to work and pulled her motor and transmission; sealed everything and put her back together with all new gaskets and seals. We upgraded her AC to a modern 143 spec, gave her new steering components, put disk brakes all around, and repaired her detent plate as well as all of her gauges. Now, she gets up and floats down the road like a Thunderbird bullet.